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Company Introduction
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Hubei Switchgear Electric Co., Ltd (Primitive name: Hubei Switchgear Works) was established in July 2015. Our company located at Yichang city of Hubei province who is China's deputy provincial city and nearby Yangtze River with beautiful scenery. At the same time, it’s the world famous city by hydropower plan of The Three Gorges. The company has spacious workshop and complete production facilities with beautiful environment.

The company was founded in 1966 as original state-owned enterprises. It’s developed on the basis of Hubei Switchgear Works, which is an appointed key enterprise by manufacturing high & low voltage electrical appliances and composite apparatus. Now, the company is wholly owned by An Gao Electric Co., Ltd.

Hubei Switchgear Electric Co., Ltd. has nearly fifty years production history of high and low voltage electrical appliances and composite apparatus. We had got the ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO 14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health management system certification. The company has advanced CNC machine tools, sheet metal flexible manufacturing equipment, CNC horizontal machining center, digital control drilling machining center, digital control four-axis milling machine, High-precision cylindrical grinder, etc. It has production line which be used in steel parts surface treatment, high voltage electrostatic spraying for surface beautification, power frequency withstand voltage test equipment for high and medium voltage electrical appliances, and purification workshop and testing equipment which is necessary to high voltage SF6 circuit breaker and GIS. The company has the ability of annual production 1 billion yuan.

Our main products are gas insulated metal-enclosed switchgear (GIS), outdoor high voltage circuit breaker, outdoor high voltage disconnector with the voltage of 252 kV and below; 40.5 kV and below switch cabinet, indoor vacuum circuit breaker, indoor SF6 circuit breaker, etc. Our products can fully meet the requirement of national and electric industry standard. All products have passed the type test through international famous laboratory.

Our products had been widely operating in State Grid power system, The Three Gorges hydropower plant, Ertan hydropower plant, Beijing-kowloon railway, Shanghai metro, Guangzhou metro, Shanghai international conference center, Zhuhai and Zhoushan water supply engineering, etc.. Products are exported to south-east Asia, India, Pakistan, Chile and other countries and regions, which made a positive contribution to the development of national electrical industry, and won widely reputation.

地 址:湖北宜昌市點軍區譚家河路100號
郵箱:[email protected](市場部)
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